Verizon USA iPhone All Models Data Information (Billing Zip + Pin)

Delivery Time: 1-7 Days

Price: $ 160

Service is used to verify and activate iPhone with Data Information on screen.

All iPhone Models Supported

Instructions (follow these prompts before uploading any IMEI)

  1. You have to do restore (whether you have already did that before) 
  2. Upload a picture of 3Utools ( to ensure that it’s of latest version - phone has to be on the latest iOS Version)
  3. Upload a picture of phone number showing in iPhone
  4. Upload a picture of IMEI number ( from the iPhone and SIM card tray)

Strict Note :  “NO REFUNDS AND VERIFY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED” ( if the customer will not try to activate it within 15 days )

Note: This is not Unlocking service this work only in ZIP SSN 

Here is 3utool Direct link:

Service News: Submission Online