VDBypass iPhone 8/8+ [No MEID Devices / GSM Only]

Delivery Time: Instant-10 Minutes

Price: $ 16

This tool only works for devices with NO MEID

Please Note this tool requires advanced technical skills with jailbreaking, once you have ordered the VDBypass you are confirming you have done step 2 below because there is not refund.

1. Flash/Restore your device
2. Jailbreak with CheckRa1n 0.10.1. Download the latest tool here: 

IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest your JailBreak your device before continuing!

3. SEND (SN) of Your device To Get Approved via our service instantly!
4. VDBypass Download Tool Link will be provided in your results or you can download here

5. After your iCloud VDBypass is Successful, Restart Your Device!
Put a working sim card & connect to WiFi, now set the phone screen on activation lock)
6. Done Enjoy Your iPhone!

- Untethered bypass - you can reboot device and keep bypass
- Instant reply
- No flexihub needed
- In case of restore/reset use the tool for free to bypass it again
- Enjoy all festures like Facetime, iMessage, your Apple ID, incoming and outgoing calls/SMS, etc.

Important Notice:
This is bypassing service so in case of restore/reset device will be relocked and you will need to use the software again but for free!
After bypassing use device as a normal all phone features will work.
This is a Self Service Tool. We provide limited technical support, you are resonsible for your device when using this service.

By ordering this service and clicking that you agree to the Terms & Condtions you are committing that you have already completed the JailBreak and understand there is no refund now.