SamKey - T-Mobile Unlock Account Credits [40 Credits]

Delivery Time: 1-5 Minutes

Price: $ 57

SAMKEY TMO - Latest software download

updated Nov 29 2019

 Samsung Phones Drviers -

SamKEY TMO is special software to Unlock:  T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon, Sprint, locked SAMSUNG phones which do NOT ASKING FOR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE, and just Show : Invalid SIM Card (APP UNLOCK)


* Only USB cable is required for unlock Qualcom phones you may require Rj45 for Exynos series phones

* This solution is 100% PERMANENT UNLOCKED

* Phone will remains UNLOCKED even if you upgrade firmware

* Software will be locked on one pc with finger print

* Software will work only when you have phone in hand
(means usb sharing will not work)

Unlocks are either 5 or 10 credits

Supported Models Nov 4 2019:

SM-S260DL (Galaxy J2 TracFone)
SM-G977U (Galaxy S10 5G - AT&T, Cricket,Xfinity)
SM-G970U, SM-G970U1 (Galaxy S10e - AT&T, Cricket,Xfinity)
SM-G973U, SM-G973U1 (Galaxy S10 - AT&T, Cricket,Xfinity)
SM-G975U, SM-G975U1 (Galaxy S10+ - AT&T, Cricket,Xfinity)
SM-G970W (Galaxy S10e)
SM-G973W (Galaxy S10)
SM-G975W (Galaxy S10+)
SM-J260A (Galaxy J2 Core - AT&T)
SM-J260AZ (Galaxy J2 Pure - Cricket)

SM-J260T1 (Galaxy J2 Core - Metro)

SM-A600T (Galaxy A6 T-Mobile)
SM-A600T1 (Galaxy A6 Metro)
SM-S357BL (Galaxy J3 Orbit)
SM-S757BL (Galaxy J7 Crown)
SM-N960U (Galaxy Note 9) T-Mobile/MetroPCS Only
SM-J337T (Galaxy J3 Star 2018)
SM-J737T (Galaxy J7 Star 2018)
SM-J737T1 (Galaxy J7 Star 2018)
SM-G960U (Galaxy S9 Sprint/Boost/T-Mobile/MetroPCS)
SM-G965U (Galaxy S9+ Sprint/Boost/T-Mobile/MetroPCS)
SM-J727P (J7 Perx) BIT3 (U3), BIT4 (U4), BIT5 (U5), BIT6 (U6)
SM-J327P (J3 Emerge) BIT3 (U3), BIT4 (U4)
SM-J327T (J3 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J327T1 (J3 Prime MetroPCS)
SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime T-Mobile)
SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime MetroPCS)
SM-S550TL (On5 )
SM-S337TL (J3 Luna Pro )
SM-S737TL (J7 Sky Pro )
SM-G360T (Galaxy Core Prime T-Mobile)
SM-G360T1 (Galaxy Core Prime MetroPCS)
SM-G530T (Galaxy Grand Prime T-Mobile)
SM-G530T1 (Galaxy Grand Prime MetroPCS)
SM-G950U (Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/...)
SM-G955U (Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/...)
SM-G950U1 (Galaxy S8)
SM-G955U1 (Galaxy S8+)
SM-N950U (Galaxy Note8 T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/...)
SM-N950U1 (Galaxy Note8)
SM-G892A (Galaxy S8 Active AT&T)
SM-G892U (Galaxy S8 Active T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/...)
SM-G930T (Galaxy S7 T-Mobile)
SM-G935T (Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile)
SM-G930T1 (Galaxy S7 MetroPCS)
SM-G930P (Galaxy S7 Sprint)
SM-G935P (Galaxy S7 edge Sprint)
SM-G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon)
SM-G930VL (Galaxy S7 )
SM-G935V (Galaxy S7 edge Verizon)
SM-N930T (Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile)
SM-N930T1 (Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS)
SM-N930V (Galaxy Note7 Verizon)
SM-N930P (Galaxy Note7 Sprint)
SM-N920P (Galaxy Note5 Sprint)
SM-G920P (Galaxy S6 Sprint)
SM-G925P (Galaxy S6 edge Sprint)
SM-G928P (Galaxy S6 edge+ Sprint)